Toronto + Niagara Falls

Last Friday, I hopped on a plane (OK, two planes) to visit my people in Toronto.

First order of business: see the Niagara Falls in all its Canadian border glory. Straight from the airport, we rented a car and drove to Niagara Falls. It was only a one-hour drive, and it was pretty easy driving there (mostly due to Canadian drivers being very very kind on the road).

Niagara Falls is beautiful! The drive was definitely worth it. There were a lot of people visiting that weekend, but we were still able to find a spot to take pretty pictures.


We then drove to Two Sisters Vineyards, which was only ~20 minutes away from the falls. We wanted to grab a nice dinner there (after a quick wine tasting session), but since we didn’t make reservations ahead of time, the restaurant couldn’t accommodate us then. (There was a private event scheduled for that evening, too.) It was alright; we drove back to the airport and returned the car instead.

The rest of my Toronto trip went by a little too quickly. Public transportation is reliable in the city, so it was easy to get around without the car.

On Saturday, we explored the not-downtown-financial-district neighborhoods: West Queen West and Kensington Market. On Sunday, we found ourselves at the University of Toronto, in Yorkville, and then at Evergreen Brick Works for Cask Days, a beer festival that featured beer from Canada and US. On Sunday, though, they were only serving Canadian beer, which was all good considering I was visiting Canada anyway.

Monday arrived too quickly, and by early morning, I was on another set of planes bound for California. Until next time, Toronto!

Bookish Plug: It was during this trip that I finished reading VJ Campilan’s All My Lonely Islands (GoodreadsBlurb).

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