Beaches in Guam

Between the holidays (Christmas and New Year), I went to Guam for vacation with the fam. I’d never been to Guam before, but I was expecting to see something like Hawaii — like Waikiki. Turns out it was only a little bit like Hawaii.

We visited three beaches while we were there: Tamuning; Coco Palm Garden Beach; and Tanguisson. I spent most of my time at Tamuning and even got to do some reading there.


While Tamuning Bay did resemble the Waikiki strip, it was only that part of Guam that was similar. There were a lot of people on the beach, but I never felt like it was too crowded. (Bookish Plug: I began reading Bear Town by Fredrick Backman while spending the day at Tamuning Beach. Also, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great beach companion.)

I loved that Tamuning was so accessible from our Hotel. We stayed at Guam Reef & Olive Spa, which not only provided essential amenities (free wi-fi ya’ll) but also an amazing view of Tamuning Bay. The hotel was right by the mall, so it was easy to shop for items here and there.

We had drinks overlooking the beach during sunset, but there wasn’t much of a sunset to watch. (We couldn’t see it.) The drinks were good though.

Coco Palm Garden Beach


We ended up at Coco Palm primarily because we got lost on our way to Ritidian Beach. (Yes, I know, there were signs to Ritidian. Maybe the other signs like “Military Dogs” and “Active Hunting” confused us a tiny bit.)

The waves were a lot stronger than at Tamuning. There were not too many people at Coco Palm, but that could also be due to the $20 entrance fee and the crazy drive (did I mention those WARNING signs???) to the place. They did provide swimming shoes and life vests — the ocean floor (is that what you call it?) was very rocky and, again, the waves were strong, so we had to wear those to swim.


We were looking for the large rocks that Tanguisson was known for, but we couldn’t find them. Or maybe we simply did not try too hard. Heads up, there is almost zero phone and wi-fi reception at Tanguisson. With that said, we did not want to stray too far away from each other, so we didn’t stroll too far away.

I liked the tropical jungle feel of the beach. Tanguisson seemed like a beach that people come to have a picnic at. Case in point: another family was barbecuing their lunch while we were there — we had take out fast food.

The disappointing part was that there were no trash bins at Tanguisson. People threw their trash all around, which I thought was such a waste because it was quite an interesting beach.

The rest of Guam felt very much like Subic Bay in the Philippines. The vibe was pretty similar, but I shouldn’t have been surprised considering Guam is a military base. FYI Subic Bay was also a military base (naval), but it’s primarily a tourist spot for beaches and tax-free shopping now. Hence, the similarity.

Oh, and how could I forget?


Ta da! Street art is everywhere.

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