Beartown by Fredrik Backman

Thinking this would be a great beach read, I borrowed Beartown from the public library to read on my kindle. (Yes! You can borrow e-books!) Around halfway through, I realized that this was not a light read. The good thing was that I only reached that point by the time I was already home, (yes, I know, I am a slow reader) so no shocking realizations for me while I was enjoying my time at the beach.

OK, so what about this book? It’s about a small town where hockey makes or breaks the town. In one way or another, the sport has affected each person in town, and not everyone necessarily likes hockey or the things that come about because everyone is so invested in hockey.


What I liked about the book: the social commentary. It’s amazing. You see how a small town acts when it is desperately trying to survive. All they have is hockey, and if their team does well, people will actually want to come to Beartown. But also: you see the nasty parts. You see people who fail to acknowledge mistakes, who pretend there’s nothing wrong when there is clearly something going on. And  when you remember that the book is set in today’s time, you realize how backwards parts of the world can still be in a rapidly progressive world.

It was very late in the night (or shall I say very early in the morning) when I finished this book.  I couldn’t fall asleep because I had to know what happened next. Despite my lack of sleep, I went to work a little too giddy that day because it had been a while since I stayed up almost all night reading a book and I wanted to tell everyone about it.

Bookish plug: The last time I couldn’t sleep because I needed to finish the book was last year when I was reading the Shades of Magic trilogy by Victoria Schwab.

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