Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change by Tao Lin

There are just some books that you want to love. For me, this is one of them. I tried really hard to enjoy reading Tao Lin’s Trip, but the writing style didn’t suit my taste. That’s not to say that this was terrible; the concept is fascinating, but it was very hard to get through the book, even the chapter on his psilocybin trip.

At the end of the day, as someone dabbling in different genres, I have #noragrets reading this book. It’s jam-packed with information, and it was good exposure to a different writing style. However, if you do decide to read this book, beware: the epilogue is more than 50 pages long.

It can’t have been too bad, though, because I did go into a rabbit hole researching some of the substances mentioned in the book. In fact, that might have been the most interesting part about my experience with Trip. As I clicked through related articles, I eventually ended up reading on anxiety, which kind of hit close to home.


So I guess I gained more perspective and a broader worldview. I think that if a book challenges your ideals and you are able to respond by not dismissing it immediately and instead by trying to learn more about it, reading that book was not a total waste of time.

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