Weekend in Hong Kong

Growing up, I would take trips to Hong Kong with my family, and we would always stay in Kowloon side. This trip is different because it’s the first time I’ve gone with friends and stayed in Hong Kong side. There’s always a lot to do in Hong Kong, but here are my faves:

Victoria Peak

Nice view of the city and can be accessed from Central. The Tram ride wasn’t too expensive (HKD 99 for Tram, Sky View, and audio tour), but if on a budget, just pay for the Tram. There’s a nice lookout spot that offers a similar view for free. Plus, it doesn’t have operating hours, so it’s a great spot provided it’s not crowded.

Went there in the morning and will probably come back at night (some time in the future) to see the nighttime skyline. After that, I can probably call it quits.

Kam’s Roast Goose

My goose. Popular restaurant in Wan Chai. Saw locals & tourists there. Restaurant has received a star on the Michelin guide since 2016.

Ordered 1/2 roast goose, 2 noodles, and 1 poached veggies. I’m a bigger fan of rice than noodles, so I’d probably go for rice and skip the noodles next time (again, some time in the future).

BTW, there is a wait, but the line moves relatively quickly and can help build an appetite. Just don’t come there starving.

Lee Tung Avenue

Pretty street that has nice stores. Nothing special about the stores, but the aesthetic is nice. (Stores are popular western brands; nothing new there since they’re everywhere.)

Strip is located close to local shops and the Wan Chai MTR station. I particularly enjoyed browsing the shops on the way to the station more, but for the prettiness factor and proximity to interesting shops, this place is worth a stop.

Omotesando Koffee

Japanese coffeeshop on Lee Tung Avenue. Nice, homey feel and separate coffee bars for hot and iced drinks. Coffee tastes really good, so good that one can actually look past the $$$ paid for the drinks. Drinks aren’t just SF price—they’re hipster SF priced. Brace your wallet.

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Located on the basement level of a mall (Landmark Atrium), the entrance to this bar is quite unassuming. Once in (smaller door on the right, pull knob), it’s a hidden paradise. flowers all around, bar is garden themed with doctors/herbalists giving you your gin prescription.

Drinks taste like juice (read: dangerously good) and are served in picture perfect style.

Halfway Coffee

Came here seeking refuge after a day of walking around Central. Located on a small street in the Mid-Levels, this spot is easy to miss, especially with the red tents stocked with touristy traps (souvenirs) set up right outside. This place probably attracts more tourists than locals, but whatever. Wonderful drinks and chill vibe for reenergizing oneself enough to make it back out after.


Old police quarters repurposed into a venue for creatives. Shops for local artists and designers to sell their goods. Found one too many items to purchase here. This is a trap for anyone who loves handmade items and cutesy trinkets. Are they worth it? Definitely. Quality is good, and no one else will have exactly the same item. Support local artists and businesses, right?

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