we are never meeting in real life by Samantha Irby

Some people have a knack for making legitimately bad situations sound funny. Think: Chandler Bing who uses his sense of humor as a defense mechanism through the weird and unpleasant moments of life.

I was reading We are Never Meeting in Real Life on a long haul flight and thought it would be a light read throughout. The tone was rambly and self-deprecating—sounded like how I would if I were to write a book.  OK, so I was entertained.


And then I hopped off the plane, found my way back to work, and tried to finish the next half of the book after a long day at the office, and I realized that the essays were actually about many unfortunate situations, so slightly depressing, and while the tone sounded funny, it wasn’t comical funny. It was I-can’t-believe-this-is-how-life-is funny.

Among everything, it was the love essay that got to me. The one about the detached med school guy she was unhealthily obsessing over. Ouch. IDK, I didn’t feel like that was funny to read about. I was cringing, actually. When the dating game (yes, it’s such a game!) is so ridiculously skewed to the advantage of undeserving men, well, it’s not funny to hear about a fellow female making a fool of herself.

So, ya. Good try though.

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