Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion

Finally, after (more than) ten years, I began re-reading Harry Potter, the series that introduced me to magic and that sparked a fire that is my love for reading. It’s been a long time coming, really (not that I never signed up for Pottermore or binge-watched the movies…), and though I had earlier thought of re-reading the series, I didn’t for two reasons:

  1. It would have been a massive undertaking. After all, there are seven books in the series; it would take commitment (time and effort) to read everything; and
  2. I was scared that the act of re-reading would take away the magic and wonder that I had felt the first time around simply because I knew what was coming.

Well, I happened to be stuck at home on Black Friday—not because of the rain that, thank heavens, finally poured down San Francisco and cleared up the bad air, but because of a bout of food poisoning due to bad almond milk I drank at a cafe that morning. Funny, I never thought my precious coffee shops would lead me to my demise. (Also, I did purposely exclude the coffee shop that served the bad almond milk from San Francisco: Coffee & Tea in the West Side. I haven’t completely gotten over it… How does almond milk even go bad?)

Moving on, when I began to feel better, I turned on the tv and found all eight Harry Potter movies available for streaming on Hulu TV. I made it all the way through the end of the fifth movie when I decided to finally re-read Harry Potter. I already had a copy of Book 1 anyway, and didn’t I tell myself that I would re-read the books as I rebuilt my collection? Yeah, it was about time. 

Unfortunately, Book 1 was all I had, and I had gone through it so quickly that I know Book 2 wouldn’t arrive on time if I ordered it online. So, on Sunday, when I was decidedly better, I visited three different bookstores in the hopes of finding Book 2 in the original Scholastic hardcover edition. I didn’t, so I went home and ordered Book 2 online. (I did go back to watch the sixth and seventh movies while waiting for Book 2, but Hulu removed the eighth movie the day I was set to watch it.)

I am deep into re-reading the series right now, and I am so happy I get to revisit this magical world that I grew up with. Re-reading the books, I get to dig deeper in to the details that I may have glossed over (or forgotten) the first time I read the series. I’ve finished Books 1 and 2 now, with Book 3 in tow, and I am excited to once more accompany Harry all the way to the end.

PS If you haven’t already been sorted, shame on you. Go put on the Sorting Hat. I also visited Ollivanders and discovered my Patronus already. I did those ages ago. Hurry.

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