HP TGR: Sorcerer’s Stone

This is the first installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion.

It’s been more than 15 years since I fell in love with Harry Potter, and I have to say, the sparks are still there—a fire, actually. In my second reading of the book, I still found myself in awe of the wizarding world and in the tiny little details that JK Rowling used to set the stage.

  1. Fred met Harry first. (After Mrs. Weasley, but Harry didn’t introduce himself to her anyway.) Isn’t that interesting? He basically set Harry and Ron up for best friend-hood, and I think he deserves credit of some sort. Not like he purposely told Ron to befriend Harry but Fred was nice to Harry that Harry took a liking to their family soooooo… let’s give him credit.
  2. The Dedalus Diggle references were so entertaining. Shooting stars, anyone? He was just so quirky. What else did he do? Oh yea, bow to a little boy out with his magic-hating muggle relatives. Strange man, bowing.
  3.  Diagon Alley, just wow, please take me there.
  4. Because of the introductory chapters, Harry and Ron and then Hermione only became friends more than halfway through the book. Wow. But look at that bond though, so beautiful. Also, the book was very clear in showing that Harry could not have done anything alone. Would Harry have been able to successfully play his way across the giant Wizard’s Chess board? Doubt. Would Harry have figured out which potion to take and which fire to walk through without Hermione? Very highly doubt.
  5. Wood? Was McGonagall going to beat Harry with a piece of wood? was one of the random light-hearted moments that made me feel like the book wasn’t trying too hard to take itself too seriously. 

I realize that these are just random thoughts… I will say that I know I greatly enjoyed a book when I finish it very quickly. In this case, I finished it in two days. (It was the weekend though, so it was a matter of choosing between books and tv.) I inhaled it, basically. It’s a great start.

Well, these random thoughts aside, I want to talk about how much I love Harry. Imagine being brought up by people who hate you, constantly being reminded that you are not one of them. (I will say, though, that the Dursleys did have hearts somewhere. They didn’t have to take Harry in, but they did.) Through growing up in that kind of environment, Harry did not develop some kind of grudge or hatred towards others (unlike someone who turned to the Dark Arts and murdered James and Lily Potter). What a pure heart.

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