HP TGR: Chamber of Secrets

This is the second installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion.

Everyone at work knows I love Harry Potter. One Halloween I dressed as a Slytherin student (I decorated my desk with my Slytherin banner from home and brought my wand around the office), and I somehow convinced at least half the office to get themselves sorted. To date, there are five Slytherins at the office, but I have yet to bring my Harry Potter obsession over to the Product team. (They might want to watch out.)

On a day I took the train to work, I placed Book 2 on my desk upon arriving at the office because it’s so nice and wonderful to display. Later during the day, someone came over and started a debate on which book was the worst in the series. Spoiler alert: said person concluded it was Book 2. Obviously an effort to troll me, but do not challenge me for I troll back. I disagree, and I’m a bit feisty, so light a fire, will you? 

I wish I were a witch. I mean:

  1. Ron and his broken wand certainly made things interesting. His wand got broken just as school had started and stayed that way through the end of the year. Let us not forget the brief period of time when Ron’s curse backfired and he was throwing up slugs like no other (I shudder at the memory). It’s amazing he managed to pass his classes that year. Then again, school is also about those written tests, so I’ll give him benefit of the doubt.
  2. Hermione is amazing. Re-reading Book 2 made me appreciate the effort that went into brewing the Polyjuice Potion. It took a full month, and it was advanced magic. Gilderoy Lockhart has nothing on Hermione, but thanks for signing that library permission slip though!
  3. Ginny probably had the most traumatizing first year ever that I’m surprised she even made it through. When I was younger, I loved writing in journals, and I would have loved a magical diary like Ginny had. Only I don’t know what I would do if I had found out that I was possessed into sending a basilisk out to attack my friends. Yikes.

Also let us take a moment to thank Professor Binns for holding that one interesting History of Magic class where he talked about the origins and legends of Hogwarts and gave context to Slytherin’s preferences: it was a time wizards and witches were being persecuted—I’m not surprised at the mistrust, but OK fine, probably not an excuse to keep a deadly monster pet roaming about… (but what if he just loved his snakes like Hagrid his dragons? OK, I will stop now.)

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