HP TGR: Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the third installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion.

For the longest time, Book 3 was my favorite book in the series. Although I’ve had to recalibrate as new books came out, re-reading the book reminded me specifically why it was my favorite. See below:

  1. The Firebolt & Quidditch: Gryffindor finally wins the cup, and Harry gets the broom that he looked at every day in Diagon Alley. I mean, don’t we want our main boy to just be happy? Also, Wood and his obsession with the cup is almost comical. Is that really how athletes think? Asking for a friend.
  2. The Marauders: Perhaps greatest set of characters to grace Harry’s world is the Marauders. I was obsessed with them because they’re so cool. Well, most of them. Somehow, they found a way to stealthily become Animagi just to help a friend. Their friendship was so heartwarming that it was sad realizing that because of Voldemort, they lost each other’s trust. Also, THE MAP!!! Mischief managed, people.

But let’s all take a moment to delve deeper as to why the Marauders are so awesome, and why they matter:

  • Remus Lupin is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher ever. It’s so sad that he’s an outcast because of his furry little problem. But when Madame Pomfrey is impressed with you, I’m impressed, too.
  • James Potter and his special connection to Harry’s patronus is love. Harry’s patronus takes the form of a stag before he even knew what type of animal his father turned into. Also, don’t worry, Harry. He was not as pigheaded as Snape makes him out to be (or at least he grew out of it), and he will always be with you.
  • Sirius Black and the fact that finally Harry has someone in his life who will treat him like family is all I could ever want for Harry. No one should ever have to be alone and grow up unloved. I am so happy that Harry connected with Sirius. Sirius is my fave.

Also, this is the only book in the series that doesn’t actually feature Voldemort — references at the most. This makes it unique in a way, and I do give Rowling props for that.

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