HP TGR: Goblet of Fire

This is the fourth installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion.

Book 4 was exciting. There’s the excitement of the Triwizard Tournament and the Quidditch World Cup, making us realize that the wizarding community actually has a wider reach than the UK. (I mean maybe entrance to other wizarding schools is ~30 years old, so I just haven’t been admitted yet.) Aside from the community, those tasks !!! The first task was my favorite because YES, HARRY, SHOW OFF YOUR FLYING SKILLS. FYI there were two other champions who also played Quidditch but, nope, only Harry flew. So simple, it brings tears to my eyes.

Raving aside, the other thing I liked about Book 4 is it’s transitional role in the series. Books 1-3 were pretty light, full of wonder and discovery. However, Books 5-7 were very dark. So Book 4 set a good stage for Books 5 onwards.

Let me expound.

The tournament and Harry’s luck throughout the book got readers excited. The book was very flashy and distracting with the World Cup, Viktor Krum, S.P.E.W., Ron and Hermione, and all of those wonderful things. Indeed this was the book in which I developed a soft spot for Dobby because his socks and wages were so out of the ordinary. Throughout the book, however, there were dark forces moving about, waiting for their moment to strike. Think: Harry nightmare-ing about Voldemort (I refuse to call it a dream; I feel like ‘dreaming’ implies something positive) and Mr. Crouch going crazy—these were kind of only moments in the book, only here and there, but not enough to distract from the glamour of the tournament until… VOLDEMORT IS BACK.

Everything tied in so well together, and Voldemort finally becomes something more than a shadow, that the series takes on a dark turn. We still don’t fully understand all of the implications because Cornelius Fudge is not buying into it, but the book leaves you wanting for more, and you are more or less prepared for the darkness that is coming.

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