“Fallow’s Flight” by Dean Francis Alfar

A part two to last week’s Short Bites, here’s another story from Dean Francis Alfar’s How to Traverse Terra Incognita: Fallow’s Flight. The story follows an elderly dragon, Fallow, who is mourning the death of his daughter, Glorious, who perished in battle. This story is in Chapter 5, Get to Know the Locals, of the collection, and, in this case, dragons are the locals. (Check out East of the Sun for a glimpse of Chapter 4, Understand the Culture.)

Francis Dean Alfar does not only tell a story but also gives a commentary on society. This short read makes you think more critically about the wars that must be fought and our brave warriors risking their lives for the greater good.

The interesting part of the story is that the ongoing war is simply the norm. No explanation was ever given as to what had started the war; it had just always existed. I wish they told us what noble thing our great dragon warriors were fighting for. It didn’t seem to be freedom, for the dragon warriors were not in an oppressed society…

It doesn’t sound too different from the real world, does it? Can someone please tell me how to determine whether our great dragon warriors have gone too far? Thanks.

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