Naming Things: Novel Reactions

I like to name things, but that doesn’t mean I come up with creative names. To illustrate: my first office plant went by “Planty,” the third one (as the second did not survive) by “Planty #3,” my household aloe vera by “Allie,” and so on.

In the same way I’d christened my plants, I decided to classify and distinguish my posts better. I already had a name for my short story features, Short Bites, but for quite some time, I could not decide what to call my (full) book features, the raves (or non-raves) I post after having read a book.

Most of my entries aren’t exactly book reviews, and I’d never been comfortable calling them such. My writing is definitely less formal and not really critical or analytical. OK, let’s call them reactions instead. That works out, but I want to attach an adjective to the name, so after some deliberation, I’m calling them “Novel Reactions” because, well, sometimes I react to things in an unusual way (and I’m trying to be cool here, ok), and it sounded nice.

Expect to see updated graphics as I figure out what does and doesn’t work for me.

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