“Six Months, Three Days” by Charlie Jane Anders

In Charlie Jane Anders’ “Six Months, Three Days,” we meet a couple: one of them can see one “true” future, and the other one can see multiple possible futures. In which case, it shouldn’t be surprising if the two of them become bound by some form of fatalism and accept a future in which things simply do not work out for them. However, let’s not forget that there are infinite (or multiple) possibilities for every action in the present. These two better not go down without a fight.

I was very curious to see how this story would play out. I liked how Charlie Jane Anders still brought feelings of newness and excitement (and kilig) to their relationship even if the two of them already knew what lay ahead for them. The writing and the execution were so good; I’d somehow almost forgotten that they knew exactly what was going to happen throughout their relationship.

Dispute seemed to be unavoidable (alas, fate has destined it to be so) for the couple, for they had a timeline: six months and three days. It was painful to watch a couple sabotage their relationship because they knew how things would turn out anyway—down to the last detail, it seemed.

Overall: I loved it. The idea of multiple possibilities or futures still makes me believe that, in the highly unlikely event that I were to go through this ordeal, I can at least make it my story. (I’m an optimist at heart.) Thanks, Charlie Jane! I also liked all of the other stories in Six Months, Three Days, Five Others. I finished the collection.

2 thoughts on ““Six Months, Three Days” by Charlie Jane Anders

  1. Ah, the multiverse.
    Or. Fate. What is fate? Can there be multiple fates? If you’re not meant to take this road, then surely that was your fate: not to that that road, leading you to a new set of fate.
    Quantum theory.
    Now you know why I love physics.

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