The Stamp of Arrival

And so The Grand Detour of 2019 has finally come to an end. (I will still be posting a few more installments, but FYI, in real time, it is over.) It lasted long enough. It’s time to rejoin the workforce and …reality. I’m quite excited actually. I’ve had ~3 months of breathing space to read and explore. Now, I am ready to bring back some routine into my life and, of course, to take the next steps of my career.

That said, I’m (yet again) in a different timezone (GMT+8), which I will now be following for my future posts. This means that my recently regularized schedule of posts is shifting approximately 12 hours earlier. (I’ll see how it goes! I might tweak the schedule a little.) Also, I’ll start categorizing my travels in the Philippines as local, but I will also still include it in the Asia category.

That’s pretty much it! I just wanted to give a quick housekeeping update. Other than that, I’m still reading, I’m still traveling, and I’m still going to have a lot of things to say.

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