“Lunch with the Person Who Dumped You” by Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Not a traditional short story, “Lunch with the Person Who Dumped You” runs us through the thought process of someone who’s just received a lunch invite from someone s/he used to know. There are five what-if scenarios presented in this short piece, and the anxiety runs deep throughout the piece.

But I appreciate the candidness of it all. The story reflects what we would all be thinking should the same thing happen to us. I don’t blame this person has gone overboard analyzing one message—I can relate. Not everyone is perfect, and some of us have our neurotic moments.

Someone who will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory is a fun collection to read. It’s written by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the creator of Bojack Horseman, which explains the cloud of dark humor that envelopes the book. Another piece, “LIES WE TOLD EACH OTHER (a partial list),” is exactly what the title says, a list of things we have said that aren’t actually true. Not everything is in a short story format, but that makes the collection a more entertaining and refreshing read—if you’re a fan dark humor, that is.

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