“Those Gaddam Cookies” by Scott Sigler

All of my friends know that I don’t watch horror movies (unless forced by peer pressure), so it is a little bit surprising that I own a copy of What the #@% Is That? Let’s clear the air: I bought this copy to support my friend, whose short story was published in this collection. (I haven’t gotten to it though; I want to see the whole book through.) So far so good.

Scott Sigler’s “Those Gaddam Cookies” is a story of a captain and his crew, with one of his crew members being an amazing baker. Unfortunately our baker prodigy has been out sick for days, so the captain must investigate. I mean, how can he be so sick he has to skip work but can find the time and energy to bake those gaddam cookies?!

Sometimes all I want from a story is a quirky detail to focus on—in this case, those gaddam cookies and the coolness of a space expedition. The characters’ obsession with the baked goods provided a lot of entertainment value, even if the story was a bit twisted. (After all, this is a short story in a horror collection.) The story also touches on some questions on morality, proving that even a crew on a spaceship are not above regular human problems.

As a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, I approve of this story. But now I also want cookies.

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