Thank you, 2019

I’m feeling reflective.

2019 took me by storm—with lasting effects. Truth be told, the year did not end as well as I would have liked. But I grew up amidst resilient people. I know life will keep happening, so I will keep going. As I file 2019 away and close the books, I want to focus on the things that made 2019 special.

Travels & Events

Goodbye to San Francisco

I said the sweetest goodbye to the city/ies I called home for the past 7 years. Packing took weeks—months, actually. (It turns out it’s quite easy to accumulate that many things when you feel at home.) So many memories were made in San Francisco & all the cities by the bay, and I still made more with my friends before leaving.

I revisited some of my favorite spots and visited new ones, and I even documented some parts of my goodbye:

Grand Detour to Canada

In which I recharged for ~ two months and visited Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec and almost felt like a local. I tried specialty coffee shops and visited indie bookstores. I enjoyed my fair share of CanLit while I was there and even found a wedding peg for myself because a girl can dream, ok.

Here are some of my favorites from the grand detour:

Birthday with Family & Friends

I am a big birthday person. It’s not just a day—it’s a week (or a month if I can push it). So throughout the week, I was meeting up with different sets of people, and, no, it was not tiring at all. For the first time in seven years, I celebrated my birthday surrounded by family and friends, old and new. It was heartwarming; I feel so blessed with the people in my life.


A lot of 2019 was spent reading as well. 2019 was the year I’d committed to reading. I started the year conservative, setting a reading goal of only 20 books. Thankfully, I had some time to reset, and I hyped myself up and made time to read again. This was a record year, too: I finished 37 books for my 2019 Reading Challenge.

Here are some of my favorites from the last year:

Favorite Stories

Favorite Character

Favorite Nonfiction

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