2020 Resolutions

When I revived this blog in 2019, I did not expect that I would be able to keep it up until the end of the year. (There was a lull shortly after I started working and then as I changed directions, but for the most part, I was posting regularly.) Looking back at my posts, I’m glad I documented my adventures in reading, eating, and traveling as the months went by.

2019 was eventful, and I’m sure 2020 will be, too.

Now that I’ve closed the books (with last minute additions—see here and here) for 2019, I decided it’s time to focus on making 2020 another year to remember. In my quest to document my ideas and adventures, I came up with some resolutions to keep the flow going.

  1. Post content on a regular basis, preferably once a week.
  2. Post content about professional or personal growth once a month.
  3. Post content about travel once a quarter.
  4. Finish reading books already on hand before buying new ones.
  5. Jot down daily thoughts and plans on my journal.

The travel content resolution is a bit conservative, I admit, but trips, even weekend ones, involve reservations, schedules, budgets, etc., all of which need to be coordinated with others. On the other hand, the journal resolution is a bit aggressive for me. I’ve never been one to commit to writing thoughts down daily, but I think it would be a great way to memorialize my year. It should help that I am now trying out a customized journal, so I’m not bound to one format or structure for the rest of the year.

I’m super excited to see how this year goes.

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