Weekend in San Juan, La Union

A few weeks ago, my siblings and I went to La Union for the weekend. We booked night-time bus tickets from Pasay City to San Juan (and back), arriving at our destination(s) around 3 in the morning. It wasn’t too bad—at least we didn’t have to drive.

Our home base was Charlie’s Hangar, a hostel right by the water. It was my first time staying at a hostel, but I had a good experience there. The bedrooms and bathrooms were regularly cleaned, so my fears of sketchy hostels quickly went away.

They had an open space facing the ocean where they set out bean bags throughout the day. There was also a raised platform from which I watched the sunset. It was the most beautiful view.

We didn’t do much that weekend—not that we had planned any activities. We went to LU to eat and chill, so by my standards, it was a great trip. Here are my LU faves:

Makai Bowls

We were going for a healthy breakfast vibe, and we lucked out that (no one else seemed to be awake yet, so) Makai Bowls had a lot of tables open. Aside from the yummy refreshing food, I loved the interior of the shop. It gave off a relaxing vibe (maybe do a little yoga?), and it wasn’t too noisy (yet), so I was able to read a bit while I was there.

Curious Creatures Taproom

I love myself a good beer. Curious Creatures Taproom was such an unassuming little spot that I would have missed it if it were not for the fact that a friend had recommended this to us. Originally, we went there for their cider, but I fell in love with their beer on tap.


Perhaps I’m biased because I love chicken inasal, but I thought Saboroso was amazing. We had chicken inasal and liempo for dinner, but I didn’t get to take a picture of the liempo. The dishes were simple yet flavorful, and I kind of wish I had eaten more when I was there because here I am back home pining for their inasal.

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