Agile Innovation by Morris, Ma, and Wu

Agile Innovation is essentially a textbook for large corporations who are looking to increase growth. It largely focuses on changing perceptions and attitudes toward innovative projects—including the acceptance that most projects typically fail.

There are a lot of familiar concepts in Agile Innovation. For context, I purchased this book to prepare for a project manager position, but I had ended up prioritizing other books (The Lean Startup, INSPIRED, and Hooked) instead. To be frank, Agile Innovation looked far too much like a textbook that I didn’t want to pick it up from my bookshelf. I finally read it during the lockdown since I wanted to feel productive by reading something that would help my work, and I was running out of nonfiction options at home.

While Agile Innovation is very informative, I do not feel like I belong to the target audience of the book. The book covers interesting projects one could undertake provided an abundance of resources, which is not necessarily the case for small businesses. In my case, I’m more interested in problems faced by startups and small businesses. If you are of the same mindset, I’d skip this in favor of The Lean Startup instead.

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