It’s 2021?!

2020 was one long year. Some might argue that it’s still March 2020, but my calendar claims it’s already January 2021, so I guess 2020 is finally over. Usually I tell myself something along the lines of ‘I’m ready for you, new year,’ but 2020 humbled me. Now I’m thinking, ‘it doesn’t matter if I’m ready—it’s 2021.’

And 2021 it is. Before I write down my hopes and dreams for the year, I want to acknowledge the things I have learned in and appreciated about 2020:

  • I developed a new hobby, gardening, which helped me appreciate the home more. I planted both ornamental and edible plants, and I’m always happy to see them grow. At the end of the year, I acquired some carnivorous plants, and I’m hoping they flourish as well.
  • I read some amazing books this year. Despite missing my 2020 goal of 30 books (I read 21), I’m happy with the books I’d read last year. I intentionally read more nonfiction (my book buying ban only applies to fiction), two of which—Atomic Habits and Educated—have become favorites of mine. I also delved deeper into fantasy. While I did not fall in love with The Kingkiller Chronicle, I would not have discovered (through recommendations) Mistborn, which I now cannot stop thinking about.
  • I learned that some things I deemed frivolous are quite important to self-care. 2020 was a year full of anxiety, and at first I used productivity as my coping mechanism. I worked out regularly, joined wine tasting classes, propagated new plants, and did anything to distract myself during the quarantine. By the end of the year, I’d learned to accept that it’s also okay to simply slow down. I listened to more music (the Crash Landing on You soundtrack is relaxing) and used 15-minute face masks. I also finally used the sleeping/eye mask that I’d received for Christmas 2019.

So here are three things I plan to take with me to 2021:

  1. To continue reading amazing books, exploring other genres and finishing my TBR along the way;
  2. To be mindful/intentional about what I do and why I do them; and
  3. To keep going no matter what.

These aren’t very grand, but I’m not going to let 2021 be another year forgotten. I’m going to make this year matter.

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