Tagaytay and Pine Trees

Tagaytay is one of my favorite weekend destinations. When it gets too hot in Metro Manila, we take to Tagaytay to enjoy the cool fresh air and the beautiful view of Taal. Never has there been a trip to Tagaytay when I didn’t take a picture of Taal.

A few weeks ago, I went to Tagaytay and developed a love affair with the pine trees. Maybe it’s because I’d been stuck in Metro Manila for over a year now, but for some reason or another, I kept taking pictures of the pine trees. … I even took pictures of the same trees at different times of day. Perhaps I simply had nothing better to do and had nothing else to look at.

In any case, here they are in their raw unedited glory.

Day 1, 1:03pm
Day 1, 6:48pm
Day 2, 5:54am
Day 2, 9:32am
Day 2, 6:20pm
Day 3, 5:59am

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