People from My Neighbourhood by Hiromi Kawakami

People from My Neighbourhood was the perfect book to get me out of my slump. It’s a collection of micro-fiction, with each story only three pages. I read a few stories a day until I reached the end of the book. The format is in-a-reading-slump, have-no-time-to-read, and have-a-short-attention-span friendly. The physical book is so small, too, that it’s no problem taking it around.

The stories were always told in the second person. The narrator was the same throughout the book, so there was some consistency to the characters and the stories. Well, as consistent as neighborhood tales go—some of the stories were hearsay. The characters all lived in the same universe—neighborhood—so the stories, while independent, were interconnected.

I loved the neighborhood vibe of the whole collection. Since there were numerous stories, I was able to get to know the neighbors through the stories, and I could imagine myself being in the neighborhood as well. I’m hoping to find more books like this in the future!

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