6 Bookstores to Visit in San Francisco

Whenever I travel, I tend to look for bookstores to visit. Luckily for me, San Francisco is one of the few cities that has a strong independent bookstore scene, and I love the city for that. I am now experiencing slight separation anxiety as I think about leaving this behind.

I love the nice, homey, community vibe that I get each time I walk into an indie bookstore. I waste spend a lot of time in bookstores, especially when they have a lot of staff recommendations scattered around, and I have, more often than not, accidentally spent a fortune buying pretty books from the shelves.

So if you find yourself in San Francisco and bookstores are part of your travel itinerary, I have six (I couldn’t bring it down to five) bookstores I recommend you visit. Admittedly, this isn’t a full list of the best bookstores in San Francisco, but these are the ones that I’ve enjoyed. I would probably trek the city for these, but good thing San Francisco is only 7×7 miles (and some of these bookstores are in close proximity to each other). OK, here is my list!

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Portlandia ~

One of my favorite cities to visit is Portland, OR because I never feel the pressure to always be doing something. OK, so I’ve only been to Portland twice: first in 2016 and more recently in 2018. Each time I went, I didn’t have the nagging feeling of “oh, I need to do this” or “I must go here.” That’s not to say that Portland is boring, rather, I feel that it speaks more to the easy-going PNW culture that I tend to look upon with such curiosity.

My agenda: coffee, books, and beer. Yep, just those three things. Traveling to Portland is so simple and relaxing. So here I will list my fave places that made my Portlandia weekend:

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