The Grand Detour of 2019 | Blue Mountain Village

A two-hour drive north from Toronto, Blue Mountain Village is a resort for recreational activities and events. There are restaurants and shops as well. In the winter, people usually come here to ski, but in the summer, people can hike and do other activities (which I obviously didn’t look into, but feel free to lookContinue reading “The Grand Detour of 2019 | Blue Mountain Village”

The Grand Detour of 2019 | Distillery District

Historically a whiskey distillery, the Distillery District is an area that has been converted into a public venue that houses boutique shops, art galleries, and trendy restaurants. I always enjoy trips to the Distillery, which is easily accessible by the King St streetcar. A national historic site, the Distillery also hosts events and campaigns forContinue reading “The Grand Detour of 2019 | Distillery District”

The Grand Detour of 2019 | Westcott Vineyards

It was recently National Rosé Day (second Saturday of June), and here I am talking about the place that made me appreciate rosé: Westcott Vineyards. I really liked their pinot noir rosé. It was very light and refreshing. Approximately two hours away from Toronto, Westcott is pretty much an outdoor venue and that it’s awayContinue reading “The Grand Detour of 2019 | Westcott Vineyards”