“Fallow’s Flight” by Dean Francis Alfar

A part two to last week’s Short Bites, here’s another story from Dean Francis Alfar’s How to Traverse Terra Incognita: Fallow’s Flight. The story follows an elderly dragon, Fallow, who is mourning the death of his daughter, Glorious, who perished in battle. This story is in Chapter 5, Get to Know the Locals, of theContinue reading ““Fallow’s Flight” by Dean Francis Alfar”

“East of the Sun” by Dean Francis Alfar

East of the Sun is a short story in Chapter 4, Understand the Culture, of Dean Francis Alfar’s collection, How to Traverse Terra Incognita. I highly suggest reading this if you can grab a copy of the collection. The stories are written in English, and the writer describes the creatures well enough that you don’tContinue reading ““East of the Sun” by Dean Francis Alfar”