HP TGR: Chamber of Secrets

This is the second installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion. Everyone at work knows I love Harry Potter. One Halloween I dressed as a Slytherin student (I decorated my desk with my Slytherin banner from home and brought my wand around the office), and I somehow convinced at least half the office to get themselvesContinue reading “HP TGR: Chamber of Secrets”

HP TGR: Sorcerer’s Stone

This is the first installment to Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion. It’s been more than 15 years since I fell in love with Harry Potter, and I have to say, the sparks are still thereā€”a fire, actually. In my second reading of the book, I still found myself in awe of the wizarding world and inContinue reading “HP TGR: Sorcerer’s Stone”

Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion

Finally, after (more than) ten years, I began re-reading Harry Potter, the series that introduced me to magic and that sparked a fire that is my love for reading. It’s been a long time coming, really (not that I never signed up for Pottermore or binge-watched the movies…), and though I had earlier thought of re-reading theContinue reading “Harry Potter: The Grand Reunion”