Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dryer

This one captured my heart from page one. It held no punches, and Benjamin Dreyer wasted no time in telling me that I should really stop using filler words in my writing. (I did that on purpose.) This book is a great guide and refresher to the rules of writing, and I plan to rereadContinue reading “Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dryer”

The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

I found The Saturday Night Ghost Club when I was browsing in bookstores in Toronto. At first, I was hesitant to buy this book. Ghost Club? No, thanks. I already know I don’t like horror, but I was intrigued: The Saturday Night Ghost Club was set in Niagara Falls—how quintessential Canada can you get? (See:Continue reading “The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson”

Children of the Moon by Anthony De Sa

A short but compelling read, Anthony De Sa’s Children of the Moon follows the story of Po and Ezequiel, both outsiders in their society. The story is told through Po’s and Ezequiel’s flashbacks, with Po recalling her side to a reporter, Serafim. It was hard to put down this book (I read it in aContinue reading “Children of the Moon by Anthony De Sa”